Dr. Jennifer Kim Loomis has cared for patients and families in Los Alamitos, Westminster, Rossmoor, Seal Beach and neighboring towns in Orange County and Long Beach in Los Angeles County since 2007. Since her practice opened in 2012, her commitment and vision continue to be: Offer caring solutions to enhance every aspect of an individual’s life.

Functional Medicine

Dr. Kim’s mission has evolved to not only treat dis-ease but to reverse disease. By practicing functional medicine, an approach that takes into account each individual’s unique history, lifestyle and physical and genetic makeup, Dr. Kim works to remove barriers to health and wellness.
Dr. Kim is successful at controlling and improving conditions  such as:

  • diabetes / diabetic symptoms
  • obesity / weight loss
  • osteoporosis
  • joint pain / inflammation
  • fatigue / chronic fatigue syndrome
  • depression / mood / stress
  • poor digestion
  • allergies / food allergy
  • insomnia / sleep apnea


Weight Loss

Dr. Kim’s comprehensive approach is also what makes her weight loss program successful. Dr. Kim individualizes weight loss plans based on the uniquely different facets of one’s life and body. She will make available every resource, such as anti-imnflammatory medication, to uncover hidden barriers to weight loss, including:

  • chronic inflammation
  • poor nutrition
  • hormones
  • poor sleep
  • stress

Dr. Kim takes great pride in teaching long-lasting weight loss solutions and not just fad diets.


Integrative Medicine

Dr. Kim Loomis is committed to helping her patients succeed by offering the highest-quality nutritional support and the most up-to-date medical advances. Integrating medicine with complementary therapies and listening to each individual’s health care perspective is what makes patients successful under her care.


Hormone Therapy & Nutrition Expert

You may have been told all your test results are “normal” yet you still struggle with your weight, fatigue, and brain fog. You need the complete picture. We’ll search for hidden causes as to why you feel off including hormone imbalances that start before menopause, with menopause, and in men, andropause.  Learn more if Bio-identical Hormone Replacement is right for you at www.LoomisHealthyLiving.com


Contact us for a number of wellness programs and services offered in Dr. Kim’s practice, including women's health. We’re here to take care of you when you’re sick but also to help you reach your personal best.


When you need health and wellness care you can trust, call 562.296.5528. For your convenience, use our online Request an Appointment form to reserve your osteopathic medicine consultation.

Patient Testimonials

"I have been told by Dr. Kim Loomis that I am a role model." It's really with her help and the FLT program that has allowed me to reverse diabetes. 6 months ago I learned I was diabetic and had triglycerides in the 500's. My sugar and cholesterol are now normal and I have lost 20 lbs. I feel great and have more energy. I have learned lessons I can pass onto my son." ~ VH