Dr. Kim's Healthy Weight Program in Orange County, CA

If you haven’t tried Dr. Kim's weight loss therapy, then you haven’t lost weight successfully

In the long history of weight loss, there has never been a single successful one-size-fits-all program. The reason is really simple. We humans are all different, like our fingerprints. Each person has a unique body type, health history, DNA profile, metabolic profile, nutritional needs, body composition and stress response. Any weight loss program – including those supervised by doctors – that ignores these critical factors is doomed to fail.

Not another diet, this is therapy for successful long-term weight loss & improved health

At Los Alamitos Family Health & Wellness, Dr. Jennifer Kim Loomis has taken an entirely different and much more therapeutic approach to physician-supervised medical weight loss – and it’s working. She targets her therapy to your specific body type, genetics, mental stress health, sleep patterns, diet, internal “gut” health and specific inflammatory responses to foods. This gives her clients the best chance of changing their body composition using several methods to optimize their personal potential.

Advanced testing helps us uncover your hidden weight loss barrier

Dr. Kim matches diet and activity to each individual’s genetic potential for metabolism and weight loss. She personalizes each individual’s wellness plan to remove barriers to success that have gone completely undetected by millions of people who have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully. Dr. Kim Loomis’ healthy weight program is designed to reduce your body’s inflammation and unlock your real weight loss potential by incorporating several elements:

  • Advanced DNA testing
  • Food allergy testing
  • Metabolic testing
  • Medical-grade foods
  • Medical-grade supplements & nutraceuticals,
    including anti-inflammatory
  • Lifestyle modification coaching
  • Diet and nutrition planning
  • Detoxification

Your health gains in so many ways while you lose those unwanted pounds & inches

This truly customized approach to weight loss also has a profound effect on our clients’ overall health and wellness – a huge additional benefit for anyone considering a weight loss program. We’ve seen our clients reverse and eliminate diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, digestive diseases, chronic inflammatory conditions and much more.


Discover the benefits of Dr. Kims' healthy weight loss therapy by calling 562.296.5528. For your convenience, you can also use our online Request an Appointment form to reserve your functional medicine consultation. Our weight loss patients come to us from Long Beach in Los Angeles County and the Orange County areas of Los Alamitos, Westminster, Rossmoor, Seal Beach and bordering cities.

Patient Testimonials

"I've been a patient of Dr. Kim Loomis for only 1 month. I have lost 15 lbs. When I came in I was in a lot of pain, I have a lot of arthritis and back problems I have had my whole life and in the last month I'm coming in most of the days pain free, but when there is pain it's not that bad and I am learning how to get rid of it by the foods I eat. My other favorite thing is that I am able to go online and see what it says about me. I can't remember everything a doctor tells me so I can go back and look. I don't have to wait long in the office and everybody is spectacular." ~ Ann